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Release Notes: PhoneValet Message Center 6

PhoneValet 6 is a major new release of PhoneValet. If you don't already own a copy of PhoneValet, click here to learn all about it. Owners of PhoneValet version 4 or earlier can purchase a software upgrade on our online store.

Click here to download this update. PhoneValet 6 requires Mac OS X 10.3.9 or higher.

QuickLinks to notes for: Version 6.0.1, Version 6.0.2, Version 6.0.3, and Version 6.0.5.

PhoneValet 6.0 is a major upgrade that offers these new features:

  • PhoneValet can now call out to deliver newly received messages directly to you (to a cell phone for example), as soon as they are received. A different phone number to call can be set for each mailbox. When reached by phone, you can change the status of the call (by leaving it as new or flagging it for later follow-up) or delete the message if desired.

  • PhoneValet now allows you to change your voice mail greetings over the phone. Greeting changing is incorporated into the existing feature that allows you to call in to check your messages and is protected by secret code(s) that you set. You can give out codes to enable the changing of any greeting in the voice mail system, or codes that allow access to change only a single greeting.

  • PhoneValet now allows you to send already-answered calls into voicemail. You can opt to send the caller into any mailbox or other voice mail choice in your call tree.

  • Callers can now press pound (#) at the end of leaving a message in any mailbox. This allows access to a menu of choices, including the ability to review and/or re-record their message, or cancel the message they were leaving. This works similarly to many telephone company voice mail services.

  • PhoneValet spoken call announcements can now be directed to a different audio device on your Mac, such as a sound card or USB audio output, instead of the build-in speakers.

  • A new preference has been added to tell PhoneValet to ignore very short messages, to avoid emailing/calling you with a new message that was just a hang-up.

  • Support for dialing via simple tel: URLs in web browsers.

  • PhoneValet Anywhere supports network dialing on Mac computers. This support is very similar to the desktop dialing features on the main PhoneValet (server) Mac, and includes Address Book dialing, the Services menu, AppleScript and tel: URL dialing support. These dialing features are provided using a new version of the client application.

  • PhoneValet Anywhere also supports network dialing from any locally networked computer using the web access feature. You can click on the number for any phonebook entry or call in the log and then pick up a phone to complete the dialing.

  • PhoneValet Anywhere now allows the creation of user accounts that are locked to a single mailbox. These user accounts will only have access to messages in the given mailbox when logged in to the PhoneValet web access system.

  • PhoneValet Anywhere now permits editing of phonebook and call log entries over the web. Call log entries allow edition of the name, number and notes. Phonebook editing allows changing the name, number, notes and allows the assigning of a caller profile. For convenience, you can add new phonebook entries based on a call in the log.

PhoneValet 6.0.1 is a minor upgrade that has these changes:

  • Enables the ability to send in-progress calls into voice mail when you are not at a computer by dialing digits on the phone. You can dial * then # to send the caller to the default voice mailbox or dial * then a shortcut code and then # to send the caller to a specific mailbox. Shortcut codes can be created in the voice mail preferences.
  • Corrects a problem with turning on the voice mail screening feature.

PhoneValet 6.0.2 is a minor upgrade that has these changes:

  • An issue with external call transfers has been resolved
  • Voice mail can now answer calls 'as soon as possible' (as early as upon receiving caller id, or after two rings at the latest)
  • Starting voice mail by touch tones can now be enabled and disabled in the voice mail settings
  • Provides a new mechanism for checking for updates that is compatible with changes to WebKit in Safari 4.0

PhoneValet 6.0.3 is a minor upgrade that has these changes:

  • Updated for compatibility with Mac OS X 10.6 "Snow Leopard"
  • Support for Intel Macs running the Snow Leopard 64-bit kernel

PhoneValet 6.0.5 is a minor upgrade that has these changes:

  • Updated for compatibility with Mac OS X 10.7 "Lion"

To see what was new in previous releases of PhoneValet, take a look at the release notes for version 5, versions 3 and 4 and version 2.2.