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Release Notes: PhoneValet Message Center 4 and 3

PhoneValet 4.0 was a new release of PhoneValet, and was a free upgrade for registered PhoneValet 3 users.

Click here to download this update. PhoneValet 4 requires Mac OS X 10.3.9 or higher.

PhoneValet 5 has been released. Click here to see what's new in the latest software.

PhoneValet 4.0 was a major upgrade that offered these new features:

  • A new automatic call recording feature enables you to record all your calls in and out without having to interact with the computer. Dialed calls will be recorded from just after you finish dialing, and answered calls are recorded from when you pick up to answer. Recordings are easily accessible with powerful searching and sorting features in the PhoneValet call log.

  • A new disc archiving feature allows burning of the call log and audio recordings/messages to CD/DVD discs. This can be used to create backups or to make professional and presentable call records to deliver to clients. The call log burned to disc is viewable with any web browser on Macs or Windows PCs, and all the messages and recordings can be played within the browser.

  • PhoneValet Message Center is now delivered as a Universal Binary which runs at full speed on both Intel and PowerPC Macs.

  • PhoneValet Anywhere now provides unlimited users for network Caller ID popups and for web access to the call log.

  • Call log audio files (messages or recordings) can now be stored on external discs using a new preference.
  • When deleting calls/audio in the call log, the audio files are placed into the trash instead of being immediately deleted.
  • New Applescript: iTunes volume reducing script fades out iTunes when you are on the phone, and fades back in after you hang up.
  • New Applescript: displays approximate location of caller's area code when calls ring in
  • When using the Mac OS default text-to-speech voice, PhoneValet now honors the speed setting from System Preferences
  • PhoneValet Anywhere Mac client software now uses a new port number (4681) for communication. You must update all your Mac clients to the 4.0 PhoneValet client software after installing this software update.

  • PhoneValet 4.0.3 was a minor update that allows users to put a delay before dialing, for phone lines where there is a delay in getting dial tone from the phone company. Also corrects an issue with configuring mailboxes for voice mail and with recording greetings on Intel-based Macs.
  • PhoneValet 4.0.5 was a minor update that improves stability, and is compatible with applications that use OpenBase 10.

PhoneValet 3.0 and 3.1 were major updates that added new features:

  • Caller Profiles allow custom call and voice mail handling on a per-caller basis, including custom ringtones, custom voice mail greetings, and the ability to send callers directly to specific mailboxes.
  • Blocking of calls by number is now possible. PhoneValet will answer blocked callers for you, play a message

  • Users may now create an essentially unlimited number of choices (i.e. mailboxes) in voice mail. The caller can choose from the default mailbox, and any number of other choices.

  • Choices available to the caller in voice mail have been expanded. Previously, callers could select from mailbox choices (that take messages), and announcement choices (for delivering recorded information).
  • Now callers can select choices that transfer their call to an extension on an office phone system. To use the transfer feature on a regular telephone line you generally must contact your telephone provider's customer service department and request it specially. Transfer choices can play a user-specified message prior to transferring the call (for instance "Please wait while your call is transferred").
  • In addition to transfers, a new choice type is available that lets the caller run a remote-control script and hear the result (audio or text-to-speech). For remote-control choices, PhoneValet can return the caller to the main menu after they've heard the result of their remote-control script.
  • Boosts responsiveness when a caller responds to the system during voicemail, while using remote control and while checking messages remotely over the phone.