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Release Notes: PhoneValet Message Center 2

This is a document describing the history of changes for the old PhoneValet Message Center 2.x software releases, up to the last version 2.2.3. Release notes for versions 3 and later can be found on our main support site for PhoneValet Message Center. PhoneValet 2.2.3 is supported on Mac OS 10.2.9, 10.3.9 and 10.4.11, and does not run on Mac OS 10.5 "Leopard". If you don't already own a copy of PhoneValet, click here to learn all about it.

PhoneValet 2.2.3 Release Notes

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The major changes in the 2.2 release were:

  • Full compatibility with Mac OS X 10.4 "Tiger".

  • Full Spotlight searching of your call log, voice mails and call recordings.

  • Spoken call announcements now read you the area code for calls with no Caller ID name.

  • The iTunes-pausing script was updated to work around a bug in AppleScript on some systems.
  • The call announcement window can now be placed reliably on secondary screens (in multi-screen setups).
  • The Activity Monitor window will remember if you leave it open and will re-open at login.

  • PhoneValet 2.2.1 added Address Book dialing support for Mac OS X 10.4 "Tiger" users and improved the performance of searching operations in the Phonebook and Call Log. The Quick Search field will now search in the Notes field for calls as well as for the name/number.

  • PhoneValet 2.2.2 improved the Spotlight indexing and searching features.

  • PhoneValet 2.2.3 improved stability and restored fax functionality for users of the Mac OS fax integration on Mac OS X 10.4.3 - changes in that Mac OS update caused problems with fax receiving.

Version 2.2.3 requires Mac OS X 10.2 or higher and will not install on Mac OS X 10.1. The downloads page has a link to PhoneValet 2.1.6 for customers still using Mac OS X 10.1.

PhoneValet 2.1.6 Release Notes

Click here to download this update.

The major changes in the 2.1 release were:

  • A new real-time call screening capability that allows you to hear a caller's message live as it is being left. You can interrupt the message and take the call simply by picking up the phone to talk.
  • A telephone information center feature allows you to specify mailboxes as announce-only. Callers can be returned to the main menu to make more selections if desired.
  • A new at-a-glance multi-line activity monitor is provided that monitors voice mail and line activity in real time.
  • The call recording panel has been retired in favor of enhanced integration with the new activity monitor.
  • Ringing calls can be directed to voice mail earlier, from the activity monitor, if you know you can't take the call.
  • Importing from Now Contact is improved.

The 2.1.2 update addressed these minor issues:

  • Permits backups made with earlier versions of PhoneValet (1.x and 2.0) to be restored with the current software.
  • The Activity Monitor window can now be made smaller — to take up less space for single-line users.
  • The reported count of new messages in the menu-bar is now accurate.
  • The PDF manual included in the software has been updated to cover the 2.1 enhancements above.

The 2.1.6 update improved the software as follows:

  • Allows users to select the sound output device for the live voice mail screening feature.
  • Improves the performance of PhoneValet when processing very long call recordings.
  • Resolves an uncommon issue relating to system audio preferences and the call screening feature.

PhoneValet 2.0 Release Notes

PhoneValet 2.0a was a major new release of PhoneValet. The software portion is available free of charge to registered users of PhoneValet 1, and continues to work with the original hardware. Some new features require our second generation Parliant Telephone Adapter.

Many new large application features have been provided, including:

  • Voice Mail
  • Call Recording
  • Remote Control
  • Fax Integration

Aside from the major new features of PhoneValet Message Center 2.0, the following features which were present in PhoneValet 1.1b have been enhanced:

  • When you first run the PhoneValet application after upgrading, you will be asked to select a country for your phone system, and will go through the first-run preferences again. This is normal and expected.
  • The new PhoneValet Message Center application gives you easy access to your recent calls and messages. It combines the features of a Caller ID box and answering machine in one.
  • Call emails are more flexible; you can opt to receive call emails for all incoming calls, or only for unanswered calls.
  • Call emails are shorter, and the message has been reformatted for easier dialing on cell phones with email/SMS features.
  • AppleScripts can now be run when the phone line goes off-hook or on-hook. This feature is used to notify iChat that you're on the phone. PhoneValet Message Center also offers an example scripts, such as muting iTunes while you're on the phone. AppleScripts can also be run at the conclusion of Voice Mail and Call Recording sessions.
  • A new Entourage dialing script is available, which lets you click on a contact or email message, and dial that contact's number from the Entourage address book.
  • The PhoneValet application's toolbar is now customizable
  • The Call Log's columns are customizable (using the View menu)
  • The menu-bar icon has been altered to provide quick access to the main applications, and also shows information about new calls in the Message Center application.

Besides this list, there are a lot of "under-the-hood" changes to the system to make it more efficient and reliable, including improved monitoring of the phone line, and diagnostic features.

The PhoneValet 2.0f update included these changes:

  • Adds full message management features over the phone including the ability to call in and check messages from away. You can call in, enter a secret code of your choosing, and listen to your messages, selecting either unheard, recent or all messages to listen to. Integrating seamlessly with the desktop Message Center software, you can erase messages, and also archive messages into the permanent call log. Call log messages can be reviewed and managed as well. This feature is configured from the Remote Control preferences.
  • This release includes integration scripts allowing logging of incoming calls directly into Now Contact and Up-to-Date's database, and also provides a remote-control script to call in and check today's Now Up-to-Date events.
  • This release enables users to send call and message emails using servers that require authentication and/or SSL connections.

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