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Release Notes: PhoneValet Message Center 1

This is a document describing the history of changes for the old PhoneValet Message Center 1.x software releases, up to the last version 1.1b. Release notes for versions 2 and later can be found on our main support site for PhoneValet Message Center. PhoneValet version 1 software is no longer supported. All users of PhoneValet 1 are eligible for a version 2 software update for free.

PhoneValet 1.1 Release Notes

PhoneValet 1.1 provided the following enhanced functionality:

  • Enables dialing directly from Apple's Address Book
  • Integrates with iChat to set your status to "on the phone" when you're on the phone
  • Now scriptable: dial numbers from AppleScripts and other applications. FileMaker and Entourage example scripts are provided. Apple events are supported.
  • New pasteboard dialing feature provides easy dialing for legacy applications
  • New quick search and enhanced sorting features improve user experience
  • Enhanced multi-select feature for improved phonebook and call log administration

PhoneValet 1.1b provided the following enhanced functionality:

  • Adds a backup and restore option for the call log, phonebook and preferences
  • Enables sending call action emails to multiple recipients
  • Improves Microsoft Entourage v.X imports
  • Improves performance when deleting or importing large numbers of records

PhoneValet 1.0 Release Notes

PhoneValet 1.0m provided the following enhanced functionality:

  • Enhances reliability of Caller ID for users with marginal or noisy lines by boosting the signal reception.
  • Provides increased stability on Mac OS X 10.3 by updating the bundled OpenBase database.

PhoneValet 1.0i provided the following enhanced functionality:

  • Improves services menu dialing by making full use of PhoneValet's automatic dialing rules. In addition, calling cards can now be selected with a new services menu item.
  • Enhances the on-screen call announcements by letting users select the size and placement of the window. Sizes range from a very small unobtrusive window, to a large window which can be seen from a distance.
  • Improves caller announcement by allowing talking Caller ID and on-screen call announcements to be switched on and off independently.
  • Resolves minor issues associated with saving phonebook items.

PhoneValet 1.0h provided the following enhanced functionality:

  • Enhances the PhoneValet application by remembering the selected tab, the position of the notes field and whether or not the details drawer was left open from run to run.
  • Improves the details drawer by reducing its height to save space.
  • Adds import capability for Big Island YoYo phonebook export files
  • Enhances Caller ID functionality by reversing callers' names in areas where the local phone company provides comma separated first and last names.
  • Improves Address Book integration by importing company cards (company cards have a company name but no first or last name).
  • Improves the flexibility of talking Caller ID by allowing users of a multi-line system to turn off the announcement of line names.
  • Addresses a rare issue where PhoneValet stops monitoring a phone line.
  • Improves the report criteria window by indicating more clearly when fields will be used.
  • Addresses an issue with the PhoneValet application which may occur when a call is received while a record is being edited.

PhoneValet 1.0g provided the following enhanced functionality:

  • Adds controls and reminders to perform an automated "update check" periodically.
  • Improves conversion of imported phone numbers to make them more compatible with calling cards.
  • Addresses an issue in previous releases where imports could fail depending on the order of fields in a text file.
  • Addresses an issue in previous releases where the PhoneValet status bar's "Switch Voice Dialing On Once" menu option failed to dial certain numbers.

PhoneValet 1.0f provided the following enhanced functionality:

  • Improves call log exporting by allowing the export of the call log type field (answered/unanswered/placed)
  • Addresses a rare issue in version 1.0e where a database connection message may appear after a reboot if the Mac OS X login panel is disabled