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I keep getting an error "Waiting for database to respond" or "Waiting for the Parliant Telephony Services" and the application will not start

This is usually caused by the OpenBase database not running. There are a few causes for this. Here are some suggestions to remedy this issue.

1. Some settings are not correct

Running the PhoneValet installer will usually fix this. Please download the appropriate version installer for PhoneValet.

2. Openbase startup item is missing or corrupt

Open the Terminal (in Applications/Utilities) and paste the following command:

sudo /Library/OpenBase/bin/openexec -i

enter your password when asked. After that, restart and wait a few minutes.

3. You recently fixed permissions on your computer or performed an OS update.

On some systems running the Fix Permissions command in Disk Utility can set the wrong permissions on OpenBase. To fix this, open the System Preferences and select the Openbase preferences. Click the "Fix Permissions" button there. Then restart and wait a few minutes.

4. Remove and Reinstall OpenBase

Note that you may have other applications on your computer that use OpenBase. You should only remove it if you are certain there are not other applications that use OpenBase. If there were no other .db files in /Users/Shared/OpenBase/Databases, then it is likely that no other applications on your computer use OpenBase

First download the appropriate installer for your version of MacOS X. Keep the installer in case you need to use it again.

Once you have downloaded the appropriate installer, continue with the removal procedure.

  • In /Library/Receipts remove any file with OpenBase in the name.
  • In /Library/Frameworks remove any file with OpenBase in the name.
  • In /Library remove the OpenBase folder
  • In /Users/Shared remove the OpenBase folder
  • In /Applications remove the OpenBase folder
  • In /Library/PreferencePanes remove the OpenBasePreferences.prefPanefile
  • In /Library/LaunchDaemons, remove the openbase.plist file
  • Run the downloaded installer and restart.

In MacOS X Lion, the Finder hides the Library folders by default. To navigate to the correct folder, choose "Go To Folder" from the Go menu and enter the folder path (e.g. /Library/Application Support )

5. Your ParliantCTI.db file is missing or corrupt

You should have a file named ParliantCTI.db in /Users/Shared/OpenBase/Databases on your hard disk. If this file is missing or corrupt, you will need to load a new one. Before doing this procedure, you must have a recent backup file in /Library/Application Support/Parliant/Backups - if you do not, then you will not be able to recover your Parliant data. This tip is meant as a last resort. Try the other methods before this.

  • remove the ParliantCTI.db file from /Users/Shared/OpenBase/Databases
  • also remove the ParliantCTI.wrk file from /Library/OpenBase/work (if it exists)
  • run the PhoneValet installer again.
  • after installing, restart your Mac and run the application again. You will need to re-enter your licenses again.
  • after you get into the application, choose "Revert to PhoneValet backup" from the File menu.
  • then go to /Library/Application Support/Parliant/Backups and open the last file there

You should see your data at this point. Restart your Mac now so that the Parliant background processes load the restored data.