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Moving PhoneValet From One Mac to Another

This is a guide to help you transfer your PhoneValet data to another computer.

Moving PhoneValet to a new Mac is easy — all you need to do is backup your database and messages from the old Mac, copy them to the new Mac and restore the database. The following steps will show you how.

The PhoneValet version in your new Mac must be the same as, or a newer version of, the one in your old Mac.

1. Backup Your Existing Data on Your Old Computer

Open PhoneValet on your old computer. Choose "Backup Database" in the File menu. The system will ask you to save a backup file. Save this in a convenient location, such as your home folder or desktop.

Backup Menu Item

Open the Parliant folder in "/Library/Application Support" at the top level of your hard disk (not in your home folder). Copy the Messages folder to a convenient location, alongside your backup file. This folder contains all of your recorded calls, voice mail and voice mail greetings. Remember when copying to hold down the option (or Alt) key while dragging the folder. This key will copy the folder instead of just moving it. You will know you are copying (and not moving) because there will be a plus sign beside the cursor. If you have made changes or added any AppleScripts, copy those scripts as well — these are located inside the AppleScripts folder.

Parliant Folder
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2. Transfer the Data to Your New Computer

Use whichever means you like to transfer the data. If both computers are on a network, File Sharing is probably the easiest way. See this Apple support page for help with copying files over the network.

You can also transfer the data using Target Disk Mode, which allows you to copy files from one Mac to another using a FireWire cable. See this page on Apple's site about booting up your old Mac in this mode. A disk icon should appear on the desktop on the new computer. Your data is copied into this disk. If you saved your backup to your home folder, it is located inside the Users folder on the disk. If you saved your backup to your desktop, it is located in /Users/yourhomefolder/Desktop/.

A third method is to burn the backup and messages folder to a CD and then insert it into the other computer.

3. Import the Data Into the New Installation of PhoneValet

Install PhoneValet using the installer on the new computer, if you haven't already. Open the PhoneValet application and enter the license code if prompted.

When you are finished setting up PhoneValet, go to the File menu and choose "Revert to PhoneValet Backup". (Warning: this step will overwrite any existing call log and phonebook entries on the new computer. You cannot merge two sets of PhoneValet data — you can only replace the current set when you restore.) You are asked to locate your backup file. Open the backup file you copied from the old computer. After a few minutes, your old phonebook and call log entries will appear.

Open the /Library/Application Support/Parliant folder (at the top level of your hard disk, not in your home folder). Now drag the Messages folder from the old computer into the Parliant window — replacing the one that is there. If you have copied AppleScripts over from the old computer, copy them into the appropriate folders inside the AppleScripts folder.

Parliant Folder
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Once you have restored the Messages and Database, please restart your Mac.