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PhoneValet Customer Support

Due to PhoneValet being discontinued in May 2011, technical support is no longer available. We have left these support pages to assist existing customers. Requests made to Parliant for technical support, downloads, or license information will not be fulfilled.

PhoneValet Message Center has not been tested with OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion. If you have a working installation of PhoneValet, we do not recommend upgrading to OS X 10.8. Because PhoneValet Message Center has been discontinued, no technical support will be provided, and the existing support pages on this site may not be effective for OS X 10.8.

Quick Links for Frequent Support Topics

Software Downloads

Software downloads are provided as a courtesy to existing customers. You can not run the software without a license code, which are no longer available from Parliant. Also, the software is provided as is, with no warranty or technical support available. As Parliant no longer has the resources to respond to technical support inquiries, no support requests will be answered.

Online Product Documentation

Technical Support

Technical Support is no longer available online or via email.